Am I the only one disappointed with the new journey?

Yennefer's Journey

Tldr at the bottom.

When I heard that Regis will have 3 forms, I thought "oh, cool, they are trying something new, Regis switches forms between rounds or something." No, it's 3 different skins. I was a little disappointed, but that one was on me and my expectations, let's see what they have. Standard Regis has a plague doctor mask. Oh, cool, does he have a plague doctor outfit? No, only 3 recolors of his base look, plus the Bram Stoker's Dracula outfit with 2 recolors. Again, disappointed since I see no monetary value in recolors and I really don't like Bram Stoker's Dracula and his head tits. Also, I don't know if they couldn't find some grunts from Regis' voice actor from B&W and that's why they had someone else do them, but hearing him grunt in a different voice completely kills the skin for me, same reason I don't use Annarietta. Let's see his half vampire form.

What did they do with his hair?! He looks like Wukong for Christ's sake! Why did they change his hair from his card art / blood and wine look? And what's with the outfit, is he some bare footed cultist monk? Why did they change his outfit? Alright, another skip, let's see the next…

A bat-bunny hybrid… a freaking bat-bunny hybrid, with 70s glam metal hair style (I can't unsee this). Again, 3 recolors, one without eyes. Still a hard skip for me.

The rest of his cosmetics are head styles, which seem to mainly revolve around horror tropes which is understandable since halloween and all, but in my opinion they do not match Regis at all. Like they completely missed the point of his character both from the books and B&W as he was always shown to be the exception to vampires, not the rule. I understand that he mentions multiple times how he used to be like that once, but seriously, not a single skin variation for the more level headed, calm and collected smartass Regis we know? Almost every look he has in this journey turns him into some "bloodthirsty freak" with skin masks and all. I'd have loved to have a plague doctor skin, but they only made the mask, where is the rest of it? I can't help but feel that they completely dropped the ball with this one in terms of Regis' character and honestly don't like any change or decision the art team made here to his looks.

Tldr: I expected to either have Regis shift forms between rounds and turn more feral with each of them OR to have more fitting skins for the scholarly Regis we know from the books and B&W. Instead, we got standard Regis, Bram Stoker's head tits Regis, cultist monk Wukong cosplay Regis and bat-rabbit, all with a bunch of head styles that resemble the vampire Regis used to be long time ago and is ashamed of, rather than the one we know and love.


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