Am I the only one that feels like the energy link discharge function should technically count as a nonlethal incapacitation?

Like I'm all for it being a crime and everything to use it and for NPCs to react negatively to you running around with it out…but it seems a bit odd that:

a) there is not any dedicated non-lethal stealth option in a game that frequently has non-lethality as a mission secondary objective for sample/data theft missions surrounded by 14 npcs in an industrial building.

b) it just kind of makes sense to have the non-lethal option be a slow charging taser that rewards players by satisfying the non-lethal requirement silently, through the added risk of draining a sizable portion of your energy…while also only affecting enemies that dont have a shield generator up, rewarding good stealth gameplay.

c) there's already a logo in the game to represent you having zapped someone with it, there's a little 'Stars in a circle' type logo that is reminiscent of a 'dazed' status icon that you might see in other games or media that appears on their ID card specifically and only after you use the discharge function on them…but you still get a murder charge…

And while we're at it…is it a little odd to anyone else that there isn't a high power rifle or laser equivalent to the plasma sniper? Like I'm no expert on the future of warfare, but I have a hard time believing that the state of long range warfare is a rifle that fires an extremely obvious ball of slow moving purple plasma. I get game balance and everyting being important to keep in check but it seems like it would fit the overall balance, along with things like kinetic shotguns or beam laser rifles.


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