Am I The Only One Who Hates New Players

One of the things that bothers me the most about this game is how fucking stupid the new players are. When I spawn as a PMC, I simply check out the spawns nearby, and whenever it’s a new player they die so fast and have shit loot. New players simply make the game more boring, they just end up scaving and scavenging for loot, and overall it’s just so fucking pathetic how stupid some of these new players are. I’m not talking about the players who had some shooter experience, or who are mature and know what they’re doing, I’m talking about most of the below 18 years old, immature fucks, who have no idea how to play the game and are trying to learn but learn such a slow rate that it’s not even worth anyone’s time to play with them.

Most of the time, when a player is new, it’s obvious. Those are the times I love to pretend teaming with them, only to use them as bait, steal their loot, or tell them how bad they are.


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