Am i the only one who thinks that server population need to be cut in half?

With such population of the game the servers turned into call of duty with 3rd party on anything thats going on around the map.

Im saying this as level 50 20 days life time account 50% sr 7kd player with 3k hours. Im tired of dying to 6th 7th or whatever the count of the player is after i wipe 80% of players. Its not really a request im just curious if am i the only one who is feeling the same and having problems survivng raids? Every server is jacked up no matter the time zone, there are no dead servers anymore not a single one, even with 45+ sec to search the game, they still are full of people. I just want to loot duffle bags safely for kappa item, but i endup with insane jacked up players killing atleast 2 and dying to others. I killed 7 pmcs in 1 raid twice last week , and around 3 times i wiped a 5 man teams. I dont understand how to survive those servers and how to play on them right now. Any tips would be helpfull, because i lost 10 mil+ in the last days of 12.8. I allways go killa armor and meta sa 58 on m61 it helps but head eyes are still a thing.

Before 12.8 its was kinda ok, i could move to eu servers when its near night time NA and play on half empty servers to do some quests or looting. But now and in future this problem will still be a thing, and i cant think of anytihng than just to sit in bush for 15 mins untill other people are going to kill each other.


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