Am I the only person who did hatchet runs far more before the flea market?

It seems to me like one of the reasons people give the flea market a lot of hate is for benefiting hatchet runners, which it does in many ways, but I have almost never done a hatchet run since it was added and might start again with the up coming changes. This is because I used to run for two reasons:

1) Killing scavs for free guns, then doing a 0 – hero type of run (this is no longer viable for various reasons)

2) Getting quest items – this is the big one

Since I can now buy items like Salewas and keys on the market, I don't need to be the first one to their spawns, so I just take gear out and play the game normally, but before I had to either hatchet run or buy stuff on the trading reddit.

But in conclusion: I don't know if this was just me, that's why I'm asking. There's no way to know overall but I'd like to know what most of you do. Please don't respond with what you think everyone else does unless you have a solid line of reasoning for it because it's not that useful if were all just guessing.


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