Ammo restriction in the future

Hi all, I know this is a subject everyone talks about but would love to see tested in tarkov.

Right now, late wipe, almost every death are caused by M61, 995, AP SX, etc

What I suggest is :

Everything with 60+ pen should be FIR only. That includes : M61, M993, SNB, igolnik, etc)

Everything between 41 and 59pen would be FIR & craftable so you can still have good ammo but not every raid (M855A1, FMJ Mp7, M62, BS, etc)

And the rest under 40 pen could be bought directly from traders (M856A1, 5.45 BT, M80, etc)

This way, running into someone with high pen ammo would rarer and they wouldn't run 10 mags of it and would make fights last a tad longer.

Because right now, fights lasts 1-3 hits no matter what you wear.

This is only a suggestion / discussion. Don't get mad, stay civil.

Thank you 🙂


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