Among us Chapter 1:Skeld

A group of astronauts in different colors are in a spaceship. Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, Black, White, Lime, Cyan, and Orange were their codenames in this mission. Their mission was to find a new planet for a new life.

Red: Ok so you guys have your tasks?

Blue: Of couse Red, I always remember.

Orange: I hope this mission is safe.

The crew was told of an alien that can disguise itself as one of them.

Green: Ok me and Yellow will go to electrical.

Red: Me, Lime and Cyan will go to admin

Black: White and I will still in security

Blue: I guess that leaves you and me Orange.

Orange: Great…

Everyone split up and did their tasks. Little did they know, one of them is the Imposter.

Orange: Ok so I have download in nav just wait out here Blue

Blue: why can't I come in with you?

Orange: Because you could be the imposter and I can't risk it.

Blue: Whatever…

Blue then sees something down the hall of nav.

Blue: Hey what are you-

Blue was killed

Orange: Alright I'm done Blu-

Orange sees blue's dead body and pulls out his bullhorn


Red: what?!?!

Lime: Oh no

Cyan: Poor blue

Yellow: Did you see who killed them?

Orange: I-I don't know

Black: Hmm, could be a self report

Orange: No I was doing download and he died before i finished

White: Well it couldn't have been me or Black, we've been together the whole time.

Red: Lime and Cyan was still around me but Cyan did leave for a minute

Cyan: Because I had download in electrical and you were doing card swipe.

Green: It's true, I saw him.

Orange: Hmm, I guess we have no evidence

Red: Ok, everyone get back to your tasks

End of Chapter


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