Among Us Choose your own adventure: Part 4 (Good Ending)

(Had to finish it here since I have exams)

You rush to O2 to do your task, then going to weapons to do the other one.

But what you find, GREEN VENTING TO KILL BLUE!

After you catch him you rush to do a meeting, chat goes like this:

Red (You): Green vented at weapons

Blue: Yes he wanted to kill me

Green: Dude what do you mean? I didnt do anything!

Black: Green it is

Orange: Yeah, I vote whoever black votes, he was with me.

[Red has Voted – 4 Remaining]

[Blue has Voted – 3 Remaining]

Green: WAIT NO

[Black has Voted – 2 Remaining]

[Orange has Voted – 1 Remaining]

Green: Curse you all.

[Green has Voted – 0 Remaining]

Green was The Impostor

Good Ending unlocked

Rank: "Got em red handed"

So… should I continue this series by making MIRA HQ, or I should just finish it here?

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