Among Us could be improved. In game voice chat, better lobby handling, etc. [Suggestions]

So what I've noticed from playing the game the last few days, is that in order to play the game you have to join a lobby, but the way it works now you constantly have to open and reopen the lobby window because when you click on the lobby it will usually be full by the time you click on it, leading to several attempts at rapid clicking.

Then, you got to hope the lobby is friendly, and nobody is cheating by using discord to share information with each other. A problem that could be lessened by the option to select voiced lobbies, meaning all dialogue will be voice only and only through the game, muting people during gameplay and when they're dead.

Here is what i would like to see:

  • Click on "Quickplay"

  • A few options like # of imposters, map cycling so it's not always the same map, and movement speed, etc

  • Click "Join" and the game looks for a room that roughly matches what you are looking for. (No need for random failed attempts to join a room, or making your own lobby and waiting an hour for people to join it.)

  • Ideally, some kind of system that monitors and groups people together based on if they are more or likely to quit the game midway through. It's incredibly annoying when people quit out because they don't want to be imposter, or have several crewman leave making it easier for the imposter.

  • Some kind of leveling system would be cool too. Maybe unlocking different hats and outfits as you level.

I know I'm probably throwing these ideas out into the void, but i know there are probably other people who agree with me about the issues and would have more fun if they were rectified.

Thanks for listening, hope to hear what kinds of suggestions you guys have as well.

Cyan is sus.


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