Among Us Ideas (Achievements Optional)


Bronze – Lose every possible way

Silver – Win every possible way

Gold – Win every possible way and lose every possible way

Glitter Lime – Complete all tasks and solve at least 1 crisis

Glitter Pink – Win as Impostor without sabotaging or using vents

Glitter Cyan – Win as Impostor without killing

Glowy Purple – Be in all rooms in one game

Glowy Blue – Be in all vents in one game

Glowy Red – Be in all rooms and in all vents

Rough Maroon – Call a Meeting

Rough Black – Report a Body

Rough White – Kill and Report the Body

Gaseous Green – Unlock all achievements

Ozone Orange – Unlock all achievements

New Free Colors: Gray and Maroon

Hats, Suits, and Full Costumes

Discoball (Hat) – Be the first to finish all tasks

Poop (Hat) – Help vote out a partner in crime

Storm Cloud (Hat)

Farmer (Full Costume;) Straw Hat with Wheat; Overalls


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