Among Us Map Reviews

Here are my reviews on each map in Among Us:

The Skeld (2018)

The Skeld is the first map of Among Us which came out when the game first came out in June 2018. It’s set on the crewmate’s spaceship. 

Overall 6.6/10. It’s popular due to how it's the very first map of Among Us however the problem is that it’s pretty small and many of the kills there often happen in the electrical room.

MIRA HQ (2019)

MIRA HQ is the second map of Among us which came out back in August 2019. It’s set at the crewmates headquarters and owned by the company MIRA.

Overall 5/10. Just like The Skeld, it’s pretty small and it’s the most forgotten map in the game.

Polus (2019)

Polus is the third map of Among Us which came out back in November 2019. It’s set on a planet called Polus and is also a planetary base for the crewmates.

Overall 8/10. This is my favorite map on Among Us for now…


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