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Hey Folks!

I have been working on creating a ranked ladder system (discord plugin). I was wondering if this plugin has a use-case while I am wrapping it up. I am open to feedback on what categories I need to account for ELO.

Discord plugin
1. Asks users in the server to register to it.
2. once enough people are placed in the channel, then they are taken into appropriate new channels based on the ELO.

  1. Once game is completed, mark who were the impostors and who won. (Dont have to mark the crewmates, they will be picked up automatically).

Currently, I am only taking wins/losses for imp/crewmates. Would you consider voting successfully or incorrectly need to be taken into account? How about in-game actions by pressing emergency buttons?

Unfortunately, I asked if there was a summary of user's games to the devs, and they said it's not currently in their plans. The latter questions might require me to read the game at runtime to account for the game state correctly.


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