Among us Steam Achievements?

So one day i thought of what if Among Us had Steam Achievements?

Saving the Ship: Vote out an Impostor

Dooming the Crew: Vote out an Crewmate while: 1 imp-3 players, 2 imp- 6 players, 3 imp- 7 players

Working Hard: Complete all tasks on your list

First Step: Complete your First Task

The Truth: Catch an Impostor on venting

Companion: Get Crewmate

The Spy: Get Impostor

The Fashionist: Wear your first hat

Party Time: Wear every colour

A Murderer's First Words: Get your first kill as imp

The Phantom Astronaut: Die and become a ghost

Space Ship Aboard!: Play on The Skeld

Another day at work!: Play on MIRA HQ

A Thing Among Us: Play on Polus

Welcome Recruit!: Play on The Airship

Sorry if these ideas suck, just tried to think of some! If you have any more, leave it in the comments please, i would like to check them out


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