Among Us X Fall Guys Crossover Idea + Fall Guys Costume for Among Us Character

I have been thinking about "What would happen if Among Us were to have a crossover event with Fall Guys?" We have seen these sorts of collaborations with smaller creators and bigger companies. Look at the 2 costumes for the Super Smash Bros Ultimate Mii Gunner of Sans from Undertale and Cuphead from, well, Cuphead. The idea behind the crossover event is sort of to boost Fall Guys and give the 2 games attention. The idea behind this crossover is that the Among Us Maps get redecorated in the style of Fall Guys (bright neon colors) and Fall Guys gets 3 new Among Us-based games. 1 is based upon Start Reactor aka Simon Says. I don't know what other tasks could be adapted into Fall Guys games. Meanwhile, I have created a Fall Guys costume for a crewmate.

The Costume

The image was made in paint dot net and then converted into a png file. I actually traced the arms from the Fall Guys character onto the Among Us Crewmate. The Crewmate was just the first Among Us Character I saw on Go I chose pink because that seemed the best idea to represent the Fall Guys. As you can see, I made sure that this costume could work with the regular Among Us Costumes. So, for the Fall Guys Costumes, I think that Fall Guys needs a new model representing the Fall Guys character having the Among Us Crewmate Backpack. Meanwhile, a new faceplate could be released to give the Fall Guys Characters the glass dome that is on the face of the Among Us Crewmates. Then, they can release costumes exclusive to the event based upon the Among Us Cosmetics.

How do you think of this concept art?

I considered putting this post under "Fan Art" as it does have fan art, but I put it under "Discussion" because this is mainly a discussion thread.


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