An idea for larger lobbies and new colors.

I’ve seen a few posts on this subreddit suggesting new colors, but the issue of similar colors being easily mistaken always comes up. Seeing as we have a new map coming up the promises to be bigger, I feel like bigger games with up to 20 or so players is almost inevitable. Therefore, here is my suggestion for new colors-
Rather than add just a handful of new colors, add many, organized by similarity to each other. Similar colors cannot be used in the same game unless the number of players necessitates it. For example a game with 4-8 players would allow access to the current 12 skin colors, whereas playing with 9-12 might add a few colors that aren’t too similar to existing ones- grey or lilac. Playing with, say, 20 players, things like dark red or blue-grey could be added.
Alternatively, every color could be available to the first player to join, but subsequent players would be unable to access close colors unless there were no other options.

More ideas/suggestions for changes? Stick em in the comments!


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