An idea to improve matchmaking.

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I've been reading a lot of posts regarding smurfing/account buying and other toxic behavior recently and came up with idea how to improve it. I don't know if it would work and valve has taken steps in the other direction kind of but I still think it could be useful.

What if for ranked there would be a different que just for dota plus subs? I will try to argue my point below:

  1. Smurfing

We all know that majority of smurfs do not have a dota plus sub, it is just not worth it. I think a separate que would greatly decrease the number of smurfs in the games of such que. That being said valve already has a smurf policy and a way to deal with them, also new accounts get 2 months free of dota plus which is why at current state it would not work. But I still think if acted upon it would be a good way to get rid of smurfs.

  1. Account buying

I am not sure if this would affect account buying significantly since if you are already buying an account a few euros extra might not stop you. But it sure would increase the cost so it might stop a few account buyers.

  1. Griefing / toxic behaviors

It could be done in a way that for reports you would be banned from playing in this paid que for some time or would need to win some games in low prio or normal ranked. Not sure legally tho how this would work out as you would essentially be restricting a player from feature they paid for.

  1. Problems rising from this concept.

Well of course firstly it would put a system under pay wall, but I am quite certain it would bring a lot of good and probably a lot of people would be better of. As mention earlier I don't know how it would work out legally.

Second issue i can see is having a 'premium' and not premium que. Some people who can not afford but want a better game quality would be penalized for it. Which is not fair, but at the same time people who don't care and intentionally ruin games for others are also not fair.

Third issue is that it would essentially increase que times and split the player base. I think this could be the worst consequence of this system.

I am not completely sure but I think cs:go has something similar and it's a valve game so the foundation is kinda there to apply it to other games.

What do you guys think? Would this help the game?


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