An improvement to Interchange. Security office.

Right now Interchange is a rats nest of hatchet runners. The map is effectively dead by 10 mins in. A couple of changes and additions could make this map run a bit smoother.

I propose 3 small changes that will allow for more tactical engagements, less scrambling to the be the first one to shove a tetris in your secure container and will reward both group and solo players equally.

First off we must remove the spawn at power. The power switch needs to be a conscious decision. How many times have you contemplated going to switch power on yourself over waiting for someone else to do it? That's a good bit of gameplay already built into interchange so we need to remove people triggering it willy-nilly just because they spawned out there. It needs to be considered an Objective.

So that's the first simple change, requires no effort and will immediately impact how the map is played. Now, we need to consider the elephant in the room — the tech stores!

Now I think tech store loot is fine. I mean BTC is out of control but putting that aside for the moment I think its good to have 5 or 6 really good loot spots (KIBA, ULTRA, TECHLIGHT, TEXHO, RASMUSSEN, GERMAN, ITC) but its not interesting when people are mindlessly rushing them to get rich quick and leave the map, so we need to slow things down a bit.

I propose a Security Office. Located between Burger and Pizza, where the Avocado alarm switch resides. Just a little 10×10 room built into the wall there.

Inside the office would be 4 switches that control Security Grates for Rasmussen, Texho, ITC, and German. The grates are pretty common in malls everywhere so they're not going to damage the aesthetics of Interchange.

Once you or your squad turns on power your next objectives are:
Grates, Kiba, and ULTRA.

This trifecta of objectives are all equally good and therefore tactical choices and discussions would revolve around how to play them.

Then you get to further choose how to handle each grate. Do you open one at a time and have your man outside them ready to snatch stuff or do you dump all them open then roam as a group to collect.. you get the idea — more choices, more decisions, more fun.

The overall goal of this setup is to SLOW the map down without yanking all the good and cool stuff out of it. Additionally I chose not to bar techlight because the area up there is already hot enough with ULTRA and it shouldn't be a double reward for holding it, it'll give people an objective to rush as well so that we don't entirely remove that gameplay loop from the map.

Tl;DR. Map with changes on it. We basically grate the techstores and make power harder to reach in an effort to slow down the loot frenzy (hatchlings) that occurs in the first 5 mins of the map.


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