An improvement to the game.

A large issue I’ve found with save the world is incentive to play. Your goal might be to get the storm king weapons or all of the heroes but for end game players, there is no reason to play special game modes such as dungeons or frostnite other than a banner icon. If epic games wants more people to enjoy the game the key is to give them a reason to. This does not mean a banner icon or wall art, I’m talking: skins, new heroes, fun weapons, team perks and especially lifetime perks. Lifetime perks like health, damage, resistance, and utility. Perminant increases in stats would give people a reason to play the new content like the lab. Developers don’t need to make more new content as much as they need to add rewards. I understand making a new team perks and making new hero’s takes a lot longer than making a new map but a build that we can run in every mission and use to play the game in different ways will be far more enjoyable than a simple new map. This is just one of the ways they can make this game as good as so many of my other end game players want it to be. If you agree or disagree with anything I’ve said please comment your ideas.


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