An Interesting Concept?

This is a copied and pasted comment I wrote on a screenshot post of a Cobra on top of a Krait. The math is crude and amateur, but I think this could be an interesting concept for a new optional internal module. The concept is a 'Ship Latch' module in optional internals. It would allow a smaller hull mass ship to attach itself to a larger hull mass ship to have a better jump range since there would be two FSDs working to jump. There would still be things to work out like fuel consumption and heat interaction as well as instancing and if the ships could stay attached while in super cruise or normal space, but here is the copied math/post.

If only this could be a thing. Add a Ship Latch module in optional internals. Add the jump range of both ships together at max laden (with stock outfitting = 17.71 ly). Then times that by the percentage difference in max laden mass between the two ships. Stock max laden Krait = 748t. Stock max laden cobra = 273t for a percentage difference of 63%. 17.71 times 63% = 11.16 ly if the two ships were theoretically attached. That would be a 1.66 ly improvement for the cobra and a 3.48 ly improvement for the krait. Again this would be for stock ships. It would highly incentivise having a sidewinder hitch a ride with an Anaconda. Just saying I think this could be a really cool potential concept.


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