An opinion from someone who has 2 wipes and 1600 hours.

This is my second wipe and so the second time I have felt this. But once you have grinded out the quests and traders…. There's nothing left in the game. You have enough money to buy anything and everything.

Items found don't matter, food and water doesn't matter, hideout doesn't matter. Nothing actually matters anymore. I don't care about surviving, finding items and exploring the map.

PVP is relatively rare on most maps, aside from labs and factory. You will be lucky to find 5 minutes of PVP on any other map.

Ammo destroys you in seconds, armour is basically paper and weapons are lasers. The game loses its charm the moment you can buy your way into or out of anything.

The survival element is what Tarkov is, scrounging around in duffle bags to find attachments for a weapon you are slowly piecing together. At level 42 the only thing this game has going for it, is PVP. But it's not done very well, you spend most of the time not seeing anyone, they are too busy looking for graphics cards in weird regions of the map thanks to dynamic loot.

This leaves the reason of emptyness. Pvp is lacking and rare, the survival element is gone.


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