An underrated thing I hope they remove in 7.31

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Buying Refresher BKB as part of a heroes normal item build is such a stupid concept, I hope they make BKB unrefreshable in 7.31. It's become such a staple of so many heroes' item builds and tbh its just a boring way to play and unfun to watch.

As an example here's a list of heroes I see at least occasionally going this build in high level games: Centaur, Doom, Kunkka, Magnus, Mars, Tidehunter, Undying, Wraith King, Bloodseeker, Ember, Void, LD, Luna, Monkey King, Morphling, Razor, Shadow Fiend, Spectre, Terrorblade, Batrider, Death Prophet, Enigma, Invoker, Leshrac, Outworld Destroyer, Puck, QOP.

The one's i've highlighted are the ones I think are particularly egregious as it's become standard for these heroes to go refresher BKB in at least half the games i've seen from them.

Watching the regional finals for each region it was pretty common to see at least one hero go for Refresher BKB per game, I think it's bad for the game but i'd like to hear the communities thoughts on it.


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