An Unpopular Opinion

What I'd like to feel the waters out on is the concept of Inertia, or in general, slowing the Tarkov player movement down. There has been alot of suggestions and talk about slowing the movement in Tarkov down essentially in the effort to stop/hinder the Shift+W style gameplay. My question is….why?

One of the beautiful things about Tarkov is the ability to play the game however you feel comfortable and/or enjoy the game. People are allowed to play without Quests/Leveling traders (thanks flea market). Some people play online with mostly PvE, they hatchet run, extract camp, sit in bushes/corners, and there is absolutely their choice and I'll always maintain that. But why is it that players who enjoy movement and a faster pace of play in Tarkov must be the ones to be punished? (spoiler – I am an aggressive player)

It seems like the more popular EFT has become, the stronger the culture of "I don't like this so it has to be changed" has become, that doesn't seem like a healthy way to look at anything. EFT has a steep learning curve in terms of knowledge re: maps/equipment (guns,mods,ammo,gear)/quests and also movement or mechanical skill. Isn't the reaction to loss "I want to become better" anymore? If you don't know where a quest item spawns, you do research, or even any high value item you might want to farm for money. How about gunsmith quests? We all search YT videos no? (Even I do after playing for years and 1000's of hours). Generally people who are good at movement and have the Shift+W playstyle down, have spent THOUSANDS of hours playing EFT unless they are just talented at FPS games. Personally I have spent at least 1000 hours in offline mode fighting scavs on horde mode in factory to get to a level of comfort and skill with CQB that most times I can out maneuvre and push PMCs and win fights (I still die maybe half of the time).

I hate being killed by extract campers after I've just killed 4 PMCs and grabbed a bunch of loot from across the map, but I still don't think extract camping should be abolished because I don't like it. It's still a way people can choose to play the game because it suits their style. I think hatchet runners detract from the experience in raids because their sole focus is to get as much loot as possible with 0 risk, which takes away from the reward for those who do bring gear and risk more. But I still don't think it should be completely abolished.

So I guess my question really is, why aren't people less focused on the game needing to be changed to suit their ability and more focused on becoming better themselves? Isn't that the point in life? To constantly improve oneself daily? Become a better version of yourself than you were the day before?

It makes me kind of sad to see such a strong culture of "Nerf movement" because I'm one of the people who do enjoy the flow and beauty of the gunplay and player movement in EFT because it's unique and second to none… Let me know your thoughts, and pay attention to your mental health, cuz in EFT, we all need to 🙂


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