Anaylsis of the two images from the Development News 23/04/21 (with picture evidence!)

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Hi all. I’ve seen a lot of speculation but I felt like it was important to do a breakdown, as there’s definitely some misinformation going around.

a portion of this is speculation about the upcoming Hearth and Home update..
Image 1:



Overview: This looks to be some sort of throne or treasury room in someones base, looking at a stone floor.

1a. and 1b. Throne?

These look like bits of the raven throne, namely the bottom segment, where the two supports rise out fo the flatter base.
However it looks… slightly different. Maybe more mahogany than birch… So potentially a new core-wood throne?

2. These are iron greeves, as my character is wearing above. I pray that 1 + 2 = armour stand, as currently there's no way to display armour beyond a few helmets. Or it's just a dude sat in a throne.

3. personal chest, but it looks like the angle of rotation is a bit more strict than normal – maybe showing off more angles of rotation?

4. What looks like another personal chest, check the double-metal banding around the edge, but this one is angled side-on, potentially to showcase the rotation of 3.

5. Coins!
This might be the only new thing in this screenshot on reflection. Currently coins are unable to be put on display stands, so maybe this is showcasing that you now can:


Image 2:
This is where a lot of misinformation has proliferated…



Overview: Looks to be a hole dug in the plains, showcasing some new resource.

1. item sparkles.
Some people see these as flecks of gold in the behind wall, or gems glimmering but… like…
They're the item sparkle on dropped items, you see them all the time, they're coming off the rocks.
Here's a more apparent sparkle on one of my resource bins:

Surtling core sparkle

2. Rocks. The thing the sparkle is coming off, likely left by the digging of this ditch.

Similar plains scene

3a and 3b – the light dusty grass that's a tell-tell sign of it being the palnes, though the stuff on the right looks muddier as though it's been pickaxed.

4. A rock! One of the various plains-rocks, this one is cleaner than the mossy ones in my screenshot (above)

5. The dark-stuff at the bottom of the pit.
So this is obviously what the screenshot is mostly about. I'll cut to the chase, it's probably tar.

Some people think adding a resource like this to the game would require a new world – and that's not true. The devs could have earmarked loads of areas of the map as potentially containing resources that will be filled in after updates. No Mans Sky did it, and Valheim's already shown forward planning with biomes like Mistlands and Ashlands that are largely empty – same is true for resources.
And it's not too hard to do a collision check to see if a patch of tar would be exposed and then not spawn it if, say, you've dug around the plains and made a cool base.

So why do I think Tar? Well, it's a useful resource with multiple applications around both a Hearth and Home that could expand upon building options without completely changing the balance of the game…

And it's under "IF ODIN WILLS IT" on the official poster for the roadmap appearing on the official discord.


In short:
I don't think these screenshots reveal a lot, other than maybe tar and maybe more display options.


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