And then there were none

A lot of people say that among us gets its idea from the movie (the thing 1982), but I think it's very similar to And then there were none Novel by Agatha Christie, the novel follows 10 individuals on an island, trapped with no boat, in summary, a record plays accusing each one of them with a crime, later that night, one chokes while drinking and dies, the they sleep, one doesn't wake, turns out that one is dead, then one after the other people keep dying, the search the entire island, there is nobody other than them, so AMONG THEM is the murder, I mean, the game is definitely taking elements from the book, well, not necessarily, I mean, that idea isn't a unique as it sounds,, the creators of the game could have came up with it them selves, and the book is a bit more creative than that-although the book was written in the early 20th century so that was pretty creative then

Spoiler alert for a 70 year old book
One of them fakes his death and makes them kill each other, and then kills himself, and thus comes the title of the book, and then there were none


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