Anecdotal evidence of scav changes?

So during my 35~ish raids it took me to complete hunting trip, I’ve noticed a few things about the new scavs I wanted to share and listen to others thoughts.

First: the scavs act way more like players. I can find it hard to tell at first of it’s an ai or player scav especially with how they move and lean peak behind cover etc.

Secondly: they group up. Not in the usual “aimless walk near each other” but they rotate and patrol lines together. I’ve noticed on many occasions they will simultaneously sprint together to a new area.

This bring me to my third point: they chase shots. I’ll be watching their pores through my March tactical scope and will hear gunshots in the distance. The group of scavs will sprint in the direction of those shots then seem to split apart once one targets a pmc. I watched a pmc at checkpoint get ganked by two scavs who we’re mindless checking their mags at cabins until the pmc opened fire. In which both ai scavs simultaneously started sprinting in that direction only to split in two directions once they topped the hill and spotted him.

Fourth (and I feel the community may know this but I didn’t): shturmans guards really like to flank now. Can’t count the amount of times they fire and proceed to start moving around me. I finally got shturman when he was at the log piled above cabins (I was in the bushes on the hill between Enclosed and Dickhead) and had a guard sprint in either direction both firing at me. They didn’t really do this much last wipe as far as my memory goes.

What’s everyone else’s thoughts or experiences and have you noticed anything different?


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