ANNOUNCEMENT FROM THE NEW PILOTS INITIATIVE: Do not board carriers of people you don’t know or trust! Some carrier owners have become slavers, kidnapping new players and making them mine for low wages

New player beware! Some carrier owners have been tricking new players into making a ship with a low jump range to mine for them for little to no payment.

They are taking them to a remote system far from the bubble. Fleet carriers have a 500ly jump range.

If you are a veteran player, join our discord and help us bring down the slavers.

If you are a new player, do the same and learn the ropes of Elite with experts you can trust.

To the people trapped. If rescue is not possible you can self destruct your ship and get the starter sidewinder back to the bubble. I know this is the shitty option, but it's better than being stuck in the middle of nowhere. There are people in the discord link above that would love to help with getting your money back and into a better ship.


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