Another Journey, Another Mage

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Anna Shaffer, Netflix's The Witcher Triss

Listen folks, I know you love that little Triss/Yen war thing, but for old Foltest's sake – we had Alzur, then Yen, then Triss. I was there when journey was pain in the dwarven arse when Ciri came out. I was there when Alzur brought a better hope for tommorow. And I skipped Yen because Alzur was my go to character for mage-flavoured/special decks already.

And here we are – third mage in a row. Don't get me wrong – it is more than aprpopriate to include iconic characters like Yen/Triss – but give us some flavour (like Alzur, some less known characters that shaped this universe lorewise – or just iconic characters that aren't mages or witchers) in between those well-known-to-all Journey chars.

I'll see u occasionally to buy another Shupe trinket for holidays (can't let down our rocky boy) – but Triss? That's another skip.


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