Another rant post

This game fells heartless.

I cannot stress enough how epic games ruined this game that had sooo much potencial. I have beaten the storm king and finished almost all of my storm shields, not even that gives me motivation to play it.

This community is also trash. Every. Single. Mission there is a afk leech, when i build trap tunnels, they break them, traders everywhere. Once every 5 missions i find a good player. I can´t even blame the afk people, there´s no reason to care about the missions at all.

The servers are also bad, I waste almost half of my mats on a mission, but then i get kicked out.

The reason i played this game a lot was its story and side quests, because of the voicelines and the uniqueness of them, now it´s all recycled, i have seen it all, over and over again.

The only reason i play this right now is for the vbucks. And if the only reason people are playing your game is for getting in-game currency to use elsewhere, you failed at making a game.


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