Another way to tackle long travel time in Elite: let me access mission boards on my ship

Most of the time when people complain about travel time, they're often talking about going back and forth between stations and mission destinations. This is the reason that the most profitable way to do missions is to stack several of them with the same objective and destination and do all of them at once.

This leads me to question: why can't we accept and complete missions remotely? All it takes is a pandemic and a good portion of us transitioned into working 100% remotely. We have FTL communications in Elite, why can't we do that as well?

My suggestion is, make the mission board accessible from your ship. You can view and accept missions in your system, and once you complete the mission you can finish it and claim the credit/reputation/influence reward instantly, anywhere in the galaxy. Surely in the 31st century, we don't need to be face to face to approve a credit transaction?

As for cargo and material rewards, they can be reclaimed the next time you visit the station, similar to how bounty vouchers and combat bonds are claimed.

Of course, there are still benefits for a more…… personal approach. As we've seen in Odyssey, taking mission from NPCs instead of the mission board means that you can haggle for a better reward. Stations won't become obsolete ghost towns either, because CMDRs still need to repair and rearm both their ships and their on-foot equipment.

Thoughts and suggestions? Do you approve and disapprove such changes?


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  • Martina Janney 06.04.2021 in 10:05

    Hey There, ce fai maci ?

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