Any CMDRs out there “wander” the bubble?

Greetings CMDRs!

I'm sort of a new player. I picked up this game a long time ago, when Horizons was a new paid DLC that I bought, docking at stations didn't have voiced dialog, and engineers didn't exist yet. I played for a bit, but I never really got into.

Fast-forward to a couple weeks ago, I picked up the game again on a hunch, reset my progress, and immediately got hooked into it all. Started doing trading, mining, and missions like crazy, with an overarching goal of taking an exploration ship to the far corners of the galaxy and put my name on a planet no one's ever seen before.

I finished last week's CG with something like 400 mil credits, bought an Orca intending for it to be my exploration vessel, and after some research, realized that without engineering I wasn't going to get very far anytime soon.

I'm not really sure what to do now. I kind of just feel like wandering the bubble a little bit. Maybe bounce back and forth between interesting systems, engage in a bit of PvE combat, collect materials (what are those for, anyways?), or try to figure out this engineering thing.

Anyone else ever get this feeling at all? What do you do when you feel like this? And, what ships do you use for just "wandering" around? I don't really want to fly my brand-new Orca around the bubble, especially in open. 😛


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