Any new loot spawn locations?

I have been ratting around in interchange/customs/reserve hitting all the nooks and crannies and just searching for any new loot and haven't found a single new world spawn location. Was running ultra med for LedX and havent found one in literally 20 raids and people said "ThEy MoVeD aLl ThE lOoT lOoK hArDeR" but i havent found say, a single med item in a tech item spawn or say bolts where an Ifak would spawn. Same with finding higher tier loot in said spawns. I'm talking finding a defib or ophthalmic scope in a med spawn. Just literally the same loot in the same spots. I even spent a full raid until time ran out last night running in the garage of interchange and still didnt find anything at all worth noting.

Basically asking if anyone has found out of the ordinary loot in ordinary/out of the ordinary spawn locations. Or even if anyone has found a new loot spawn location in general lol. Thought I found one for scopes in interchange and people told me it's always had a chance in that spot.


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