Any other people having trouble trying to get their friends to play this game?

So, to put in a bit of context: I've been interested in hardcore survival games well before I discovered Tarkov. Dayz, Rust. Some I played, some I only watched on videos and streams.

I bought this game in Septemer/October of 2018 and I've played quite a bit since then, with some breaks in between. This is honestly a very, very satisfying game, if not the most satisfying once you learn the ropes of it but here's the thing… All of my friends whom I've recommended it to reply the same:

"That sounds way to hard"
"Where's the fun in that?"
"Idk about it"

The handful of people I did get to buy Tarkov don't play it anymore after giving it a chance of 10 hours with their following thoughts…

"I can't even get past the first quest!"
"I also want a sick modded out weapon but all I find are crappy AK's and shotguns"
"I only get one tapped in this game, it isn't fair at all"
"All that happens is that you die, lmao I'm uninstalling"

No one has given the game a proper chance in my circle of friends and some didn't even reach level 5. One guy wants to get back into Tarkov with me guiding him, but he's super demotivated.

I told them tons of times this game requires patience, that it's unique and that once you "get" it you literally don't wanna stop playing, but they won't be giving it another chance. Are you guys finding it hard as well finding people to recruit into Tarkov?


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