Any particular reason as to why hideout upgrades take so long?

So usually when games make you wait for stuff, the reason is because they want you to pay money to skip the waiting period. That's understandable, they are trying to piss you off so that they get your money. In Tarkov they make you wait for shit that has no essential benefit to you or the developers… It's not like a lose/win situation it's more like a lose/ insert nothing here type of situation…

I see no reason as to why I should wait 15/18 hours for a hideout upgrade when there's no possible way to speed it up by paying a fee… I had to wait two whole days for my stash upgrade but at least indirectly you can say that's an incentive to buy EOD. But with all these other upgrades I see no reason why it can't be instant or maybe give it an hour or two but having to wait nearly a whole day for some of these upgrades is entirely pointless and needlessly frustration inducing at no benefit to anyone…

So what I'm asking is either make those times shorter or allow us to pay extra to somehow skip the waiting. I'd love to hear a reasonable argument as to any potential benefit to this. If you're just going to provide no independent argument then pls don't come here with the take it for what it is and stop complaining bullshit, this is a beta and I'm allowed to complain all I want.

Also to anyone who says that this somehow delays endgame, pls don't even try to support such bogus claim. Delaying the end game by what? 2 days?


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