Any real counter for that NG Kolgrim deck that everyone is copying right now?

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I am not glad to see the most annoying mechanic they ever came up with, back.
I'm talking about filling the opponent's deck with shit so it cannot draw any good card while the NG player wrecks with Kolgrim.

And Kolgrim is not the real problem here, I could easily deal with that if not for the fact that MY DECK IS LOADED WITH SHIT AND I CAN'T DO ANYTHING ABOUT IT.

The fact that the copied cards are sent straight to the top is completely stupid and turns that mechanic to overpowered levels, it should at least shuffle them or send them to the bottom, this way it still accomplishes the task of setting up Kolgrim while having a counter play.

Is there any real counter for this shit?

I have tried:
– Unitless monsters
– Keltullis Caparace
– Viy
– Multiple consume variants
– Wild Hunt
– Congregate Fireswarn
– Congregate Crime
– Cleaver Crime
– Pirate bounty
– Control NR
– Draught NR
– Hidden Cache

Hell I have tried plenty of strategies of my played factions and none seem to work. What the fuck am I supposed to play to 100% be sure to beat that shit?
Specially as MO and SY


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