Any Tips for a new Player just getting past 4mil credits?

Current Back account for Easy context of where I'm at. More below

Hello Fellow Commanders! I got this game a while back but never touched it until now. And after running my Poor Sidewinder into the ground, and buying a shiny new Cobra Mk3, I've been getting into a good Grove.

I've been bopping around, solidly in the 'Multirole' Category. I Mostly divide my time between courier missions, Trading, and Bounty-hunting (think the only thing I haven't done is fuck around with mining), and I've gotten myself a fairly good stack of cash in the process. But I ask all of you know; What's next? Should I be Tricking out my Cobra to Sol and Back with new upgrades, or save my money for a new ship? Are their any Particular Missions I should be going for? Should I start interacting with other players?

And to cap this all off, Any Tips that might not be Obvious to a new-ish player?


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