Any tips for hunting Rashala?

I'm solo and try to check Stronghold and Gas station every run. Does he spawn more often in dorms? I usually die going to dorms. I've only seen him twice in probably 15-20 runs and died fighting him both times. First time him and his goons surprised me. Was flanking through gas going after some players nearby. The second time was just now in gas and was doing good. Had dropped 3 of his guards. They almost killed me with a nade but I was getting them to move around with nades and picking them off. Not sure where the last guard even got me from. I was out front on the gas pump side using the big blue connex's as cover.

My kit is always m32 headset + gp7 gas mask. Then usually a 545 AK with BT and some grenades. I don't run armor because it slows you down and I don't have enough class5/6 armor to do every run.

Any tips would be appreciated.


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