Any Vikings looking for a new home?

Hello fellow Vikings,

After meeting a couple of you from reddit we have decided to create our own private server that is available at any time . We are treating boss fights as community events and scheduling them so it can work with most of our schedules. We currently have 3-4 players who access it when they are able to but would love to have more people. We are currently at the Elder boss fight and that will be scheduled for this weekend.

Here are some of the most important rules we have regarding the server.

– Do not edit or mess with any structure that you have not created or gotten permission to help with.

– Wards are permitted to be used on any solo project but is not allowed in a community building space.

– Items and Weapons must reflect the progress of the server. No items or weapons past the current boss are allowed.

– If you take resources from the community storage building please replace what you take.

– You MUST have Visible to all players option turn on at all times.

If you are looking to join a community server we would love to have you join.

DM for Discord information on the Server. ^_^


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