Anybody else experiencing this occasional graphical weirdness – resolvable with a restart of game?

So occasionally I notice something "off" with the colouring of planets and surfaces, I'd describe as noticeably blotchy oversaturated colours.

I'm gathering feedback before bothering to raise a tracker issue

I discovered this is nothing to do with game settings or other aspects of colouring in the game or in other Windows apps – and also discovered that simply exiting the game entirely and restarting will return things to normal. It is almost like sometimes the game does not read all the settings it needs and things just look weird. Might be something to watch out for and try if you are finding surfaces to occasionally be glitched.

See latest examples from today

Started exploring today and approached a planet and thought, that is looking like the blotchy oversaturation issue

After exiting the game and restarting, the same location now looks fine


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