Anybody else used to love Interchange but now sick of it?

I think the rework near the start of the year made it worse. So many people just sit in the dark corners up top and camp for 40min waiting for power to be pulled before they either vacuum up all the loot or wait for the unknowing person who pulled power to run past and shoot them. It's a perfectly legitimate strategy, one encouraged by the map, but hot damn it's so frustrating when there's no action unless you attempt to contest donut/techlight (which is usually a deathtrap if you get there second). I wish loot got spread out way more so it's not just concentrated in one area and unlocking the good stuff wasn't a case of "you wait 30 minutes or it gets stolen by someone hiding in Urban Clothes". Also doesn't help that the lighting 'rework' amounted to 'it's now even harder to see inside stores and NVGs are as useless as ever'.


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