Anybody have any leads on Raxxla?

So I started playing Elite again earlier last year after a long hiatus and immediately found my self sucked into the game again. Went Thargoid hunting for a while then set my eyes on a new mystery Raxxla. Me and a friend have searched in most of the original Elite systems such as Leesti but when I went to check out Lave something immediately stood out to me there was a Dark Wheel presence in this system. Sadly this is the only big clues I’ve found. If anyone has any other theory’s or anything no matter how outlandish they seem ill be open to investigating them.

Extra: This is some ideas me and my friend have personally had.
1. It can’t be far from Sol considering the original Dark Wheel Book was published when the first game was out and mentioned Raxxla.
2. It’s possible people could have already visited the system Raxxla is in but not scanned or noticed it.
3. We highly doubt it’s in a permit locked system.
4. Finding the original Dark Wheel (their home system) could give us more clues.

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