Anyone else a little concerned about the new Mil Base map?

I get that when the military base map opens, it will be open for everyone to join to "test" just as Labs was when it was first introduced, then required a key card. At the same time though, I can't help but think that Mil Base is just going to be another Labs with end tier loot. If that's the case, most people are just going to get max group limit with their friends and farm the hell out of the map/AI/players and pretty much be end-tier by level 15/20, and hypothetically making the patch watered down with that gear. With my observation, the patches after the Interchange map implementation has made the wipes die out quicker and quicker, if that was vague; meaning I remember before Labs and the start of Interchange, and the beginning of the wipe cycle, there was pretty much non-stop action for a solid 2-3 months, pretty much peak playerbase. After the easy access into Labs, it just has seemed the player activity died off after a month or so. Not saying that this is the only reason why the game loses activity quick, because there are other reasons as well. This ties back to Mil Base because I think it is just going to have the same effect as Labs did. The counter argument of this is that these maps are supposed to be the most dangerous and most rewarding, and with Mil Base being new, we as players need to bug test, play, see what's messed up on the new map so the devs can correct anything wrong, so having Mil Base locked behind a key at level whatever, isn't really allowing us as players to test the new map; with that being said, the map being open will just gear everyone quick and for a lot of players, it won't give them an incentive to do the quests etc.

I'm super stoked for .12, but I just have a hunch the playerbase will lose activity just as fast as the .11/Labs patch did. When Mil Base is pretty much just as fixed as Labs, both maps shouldn't be available until late quest chains/level 4 traders.


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