Anyone else been running into way more big teams this raid?

TL;DR: Does anyone feel like they've been running into a bunch of super juiced big teams way more than usual? Am I really that far behind only being level 19 rn?

So for some context here, I mainly play with a duo but he's taking this wipe off so mostly just run solos now. I've been mostly solo since the end of the last wipe and got to level 58 and this'll be my 3rd wipe. I love this game and I love how hard it is and how rewarding it is but god damn I feel like I'm getting absolutely shafted by 3-4-5 mans left and right this raid. Usually, I can take them on if the fight is on my terms but recently there have just been a lot of big teams in weird places. It's been a lot of, kill one or two and die to the last 1 or 2. Like earlier today I wiped a 3 man doing bad rep evidence pushing my way to the bunkhouse just to encounter a four-man across the street at the bus station. If I'm not mistaken that's 8 out of the possible ten people that can be on customs in a 50-foot radius of each other 5 minutes into the raid. I'm not sure if it's the influx of new players getting helped out in teams bc of the wipe or if I'm just unlucky, but 7 raids in a row now I've died to big teams in straight up strange places. (SR went from ~48 to ~34). Don't get me wrong I love being the underdog in the fight, and this game is definitely better in duos/trios, but at the same time I have not seen/fought a fellow solo player in 2-3 days now. Does no one just play the new wipes solo with the exception of big streamers like LVNDMARK and Pest? I don't wanna be the guy that says "rats ruin the game and I want it to be faster paced." bc I tend to player slower myself as a solo, but am I really so far behind in the wipe at this point (lvl19) that I can't have a chance w/o a squad with a least one member who has a mega chad flea market gun/armor?


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