Anyone else feel like their Scav runs are 1000% more successful than their PMC runs?

I think I'm doing alright so far but I feel like I've had MUCH better luck on Scav runs on Customs than playing PMC. I have a terrifying streak going at the moment on my Scav runs of always getting out whenever I get a Lab Card (4 in a row I think). Conversely. I feel like I die on almost all of my PMC runs, and with the Alpha case, I don't get anything out at all.

I suppose the map is fuller and I don't yet know how to deal with each of the spawns, but some of my raids are depressingly short. I feel like I always get to a million or so saved up thanks after a few Scav runs, and then lose most of it in gear costs back on a couple PMC runs.

I think I like scav runs more of the time being. Of course, there's also no investment, and no depressing single magazine return from Prapor insurance a day later either.

I guess what I'm really asking is… am I a rat? lol


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