Anyone else feel like there should be more scavs in the game?

I feel like there used to be significantly more scavs in the game and I felt like it was fun to have to fight before you could loot an area, in addition to that it has become a slog to complete the "kill x scavs" tasks because it takes so many raids just to find them.

For me I used to really enjoy showing up to bunker on shoreline 20ish minutes into the raid, if nobody had been there to kill the scavs yet there were be 5-8 almost every single time, it was fun to pick off the ones you could from a distance and then move in and clear out the area, trying not to take too long because you just let everyone near you know that your there with your gunshots. Maybe this was a design choice to remove scavs from extracts because I havent seen any at tunnel or road to customs this wipe but I miss having to fight my way out.

Is this just me or what, I would love to hear what the rest of the community thinks about this


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