Anyone else feel like they have to play pretty much perfectly to win these days?

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It just seems very rare for me to have a game where I'm not having to carry my team on my back, from whatever position I take. And if I make even a minor mistake here or there, it just trashes my chance of winning. And this is just in random unranked.

Do I still enjoy playing, sure, but it definitely limits me to a few games a day at best due to the pressure. Love it also when people ping my items after they die, as if what I built would have stopped them from getting caught out or them just having bad positioning in general.

Say I'm on enigma, I have to make sure to get efficient black holes, not just 3 man+. Sometimes worth it just to force them to do something to you if you snag a core+support. But if I don't, you'll bet it that I'll hear it from my team.

I don't particularly remember it ever being this bad, but eh. Not sure if it's in part due to most people these days being better at the game, or what.


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