Anyone else feel that this subreddit is being more whiny than usual?

Ciri Gwent witcher Game card

"Milva broken, please hotfix CDPR". "King of Beggars broken, dumb CDPR doesn't know how to balance". "Radovid broken", "when they gonna fix Morkvarg", "vampires too strong"!

Seriously, what the fuck is happening? There has been very little time since the new cards were introduced and people have yet to stop complaining about everything. Which is utterly unwarranted from my experience: from rank 3 to Pro, this is the first time I have seen such an amount of different decks and archetypes. People have been experimenting, and it shows! This is the first time since the launch of the first leader cards earlier this year that the game has been this fun and diverse, in my opinion. Yet this subreddit is littered with posts (plural!) every single day complaining about something.

Also, for those unaware, CDPR has already stated that they will fix Radovid and Morkvarg's leader interactions soon, so chill, my dudes!


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