Anyone else feels like they are becoming racist because of Dota 2?

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I can't help but notice I am getting angrier and angrier with certain nationalities in Dota 2. I am playing on EU West, English only, and I guess you can feel where this is going. I am getting increasingly angry and racist with Russians, and other Slavic countries.

At this point I just premute everyone with a Slavic name and when I have 3 or more of them in my team I rather lose the game to see them suffer than actually try to win. (I justify this in my head by all the games they have grieved for me)

I think the reason it focusses on Slavic countries is because their language and writing is so obviously different from any Western writing that it stands out more. Also, in general I feel like their English is worse (or don't talk it at all) which makes it also more obvious. Also I feel like they are more prone to talk non-English, but I don't know if that is the case or just conformation bias.

I am trying to have a serious discussing about the topic.

Anyone else who feels this way? And what did you do to make it better?


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