Anyone else here miss the Nemestice game mode?

Windranger DOTA 2 Hero phantom lancer

Anyone else here miss the Nemestice game mode? My group of friends and I started playing Dota 2 right around when the Nemestice event was announced and happening, and it was our go-to game mode. We put over 200 hours into the game as the event was taking place, and after the event, some of us continued to play Turbo for a bit until we all eventually dropped off and moved on to other games. We haven't played Dota 2 since the mode was removed as an option (opting to play other games). We still have fond memories of the game, and we hope the Nemestice mode gets brought back into the game as we have fond memories of playing Dota 2.

It seemed like a fair bit of development effort was put into that mode too, so it's hard to believe it would just be scrapped altogether forever. Also, we were consistently getting short queue times, so I'm sure the community would have loved that mode too… What do you all think?


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