Anyone else kinda tired of this meta already?

Ciri Gwent witcher Game card

I feel these decks are just as annoying as last months meta.

For Syndicate you can just slam out points with Whoreson, Professor, Jacques and whatever else then combine that with the Tier 1 pirate's cove and its just annoying as fuck to deal with.

Then of course we got Skellige with the classic Eist that basically auto wins the round hes played and even after hes played you still got strong cards like Harald, Morkvarg and so on.

For Monsters well there's only really Viy thats annoying and braindead but the other decks are fine.

NR? They run commandos, Erland Draug and some boosty stuff. I have nothing against these decks and i think the Erland Draug deck itself is pretty cool and clever.

With the scoia'tael i only really have a problem with the trap decks but not a fan of Elf decks as well.

And lastly there's Nilfgaard who are in the shitter right now so not much to say about them. Clog is annoying though.


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