Anyone else not able to do the Weather node (the maze) task in Polus on a phone?

I realize this game was likely designed with Steam in mind, but I had to stop playing Polus on my phone, especially in any lobby with 5 or more tasks simply because it is impossible for me to finish that maze. I don't know if my old phone is just too slow and lags, but it is literally impossible for me. The only way would be to fully know the path before I start since on a phone screen, an average person's fingers will cover too much to see as you go along. But if I do try to do the whole path at once, the game can't keep up with my finger so I will be turning to the left or whatever, and it perceives me as turning right into a wall, forcing me to start over. I try slowing down, but it still seems to not keep up, until I go so slow that is simply forces me to start over.

I have no issues when I am on Bluestacks and therefore using my mouse. But I have gotten it only one time (literally) out of close to 20 games where I had it. And usually, I am struggling so bad that someone sees me and susses me.

Don't know if it is just me, but if it is a common issue, I hope they fix it in an update. I like the task, but I think they need to make it less strict about mistakes. Only force you to start over if you hit a dead end but otherwise allow you to go as slow as you need. IT would still be an obvious disadvantage to go slow, since the longer you have the task open, the more time you can be killed, but it allows people playing on small touch screens to get it done.


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